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Those who know me know that I've always wanted to have my own talk show. This week I took the first step toward that. I was asked to host a discussion with the young adults of the Louisiana Conference C.M.E. Church Leadership Training School.  As I engaged with the young adults I shared the importance of knowing your purpose. It doesn't matter what vocation you decide to pursue when you are walking in purpose.  If God has given you the gift of helps, then in whatever position or circumstance you are in you should be an extraordinary helper. If God has given you the gift of vision, then you should be providing insight that would help people or members of your organization see more clearly.  At the end of the day, walking in your purpose will lead you to the vocation that God has for you.  The cool part about walking in your purpose is that it is your CHOICE.  In our discussion about the power of choice, I heard testimonies from several of the young adults about recent decisions that have helped them define their purpose and move to the next level in their faith.  I am grateful to the Rev. Denise Anders-Modest for inviting me to share with these young people. I am encouraged to continue walking in my purpose and continue my own quest to inspire others to unlock their potential.  

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